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Our Mission

It is the mission of Accounting Solutions of Sarasota to provide the highest quality accounting services to our clientele, to always conduct our business with the absolute highest ethics, and to always remain acutely focused on the best interest of our clients. We are dedicated to best service practices and latest technology innovations. Further, we strive to achieve this mission in an environment that our customers find both friendly and professional.

Personal Service

ASOS combines the latest technological advances in accounting software with the enduring appeal of individual service to provide the absolute best customer experience. At Accounting Solutions, you will never have to navigate through an automated phone menu, or choose from a list of bundled packages.
ASOS offers services to provide a clear picture of current financial situations for budgets both large and small, and expertise to assist you in attaining your goals, allowing you to devote more time to growing your business or enjoying your retirement. Our clear and customizable reports cut through the fog of even the most complex financial issues.

Pre-tax Organization

When it comes to finance, knowledge is power. A relationship with ASOS gives you the power that comes with being well informed. We track and accumulate your deductions throughout the year. The goal is to minimize your tax burden and to ensure there are no surprises when you file your tax return.

Peace of Mind

Finances are a very personal matter. You need to know that the people handling your accounting needs are established, ethical, discreet and trustworthy. With a presence dating back over a quarter century on the Sarasota accounting landscape, Accounting Solutions of Sarasota provides that security. Before founding ASOS in 2011, owner Vicki Goffinet worked in the accounting business for over 25 years, much of that time as a trusted staff member in the firm of her father, Pete Gorrie. ASOS has deep roots and a long history of integrity in the Sarasota area.

Bottom Line

The most common goal of every stakeholder in a financial statement, whether a business or personal entity, is to have a few more dollars appear on the bottom line. ASOS will help you manage expenses, while at the same time making judicious choices throughout the year to minimize your tax burden. This helps more of those dollars on the bottom line of the financial statement actually make their way into your bank account.

ASOS Excellence!

Personal Care. Attention to Detail. Informed Decisions. Teamwork.
These are what makes ASOS the leading pre-tax accounting firm in Sarasota.

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Accountants are not only for the very wealthy. Household incomes of any level can benefit from:

  • Detailed representation of spending patterns
  • Current financial status reports (critical for refinancing applications, etc.)
  • Budgeting
  • More

Our service offers everyone a clear financial picture, and a plan to achieve financial goals.

Businesses large and small need more attention to their finances than the completion of an annual tax return. ASOS provides:

  • Dedicated staff regularly monitoring income, spending and net profit
  • Record organization
  • Monthly bank reconciliations
  • More

Our service frees the business owner to focus on business, and arms them with the knowledge to make more informed decisions regarding capital outlays, etc.

ASOS is a start to finish payroll company. Services available include:

  • Direct deposit
  • New employee system entry
  • Automated payroll tax payments
  • More

Our payroll service provides a customizable, hassle free solution to your payroll needs.

ASOS uses Thomson Reuters, an industry standard accounting suite of programs, on site. We also work with clients who use:

  • Lone Wolf
  • EASY
  • All versions of Intuit Quickbooks
  • More

ASOS provides complete accounting services using our in house suite, and the capability to assist with practically any accounting situation on a variety of platforms.

ASOS has chosen to dedicate their activity to accounting rather than tax preparation. This allows us to focus on our client bottom line year round, rather than being overwhelmed with IRS deadlines at certain seasons. Our distinctive services include:

  • All types of bookkeeping
  • Regular and complete financial statements
  • Pre-tax organization and collaborative effort with many local tax professionals
  • More

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