Tribute to Pete

A little over a year ago my father passed away. Today, November 9, would have been his 79th birthday. Pete Gorrie impacted everything we do here at ASOS. First and foremost, he was my father. He was my inspiration to start this business and my example of how to operate it. To my staff, Theresa, Sandy, and Tim, he was a friend and an embodiment of the principles to which we aspire; do the work right, always provide good value for our service, and make every decision based on what’s right and what’s best for the client. To almost every longtime client he was a trusted friend and advisor. To our newer clients who did not have the privilege to meet him, trust me, you would have liked him. He could always be counted on for a crooked grin and a straight answer. Whether you knew him or not, I believe that everyone associated with ASOS, client, employee or colleague, feels his influence; recognizes that we are a business striving to do things the right way. We will always do that as our way of honoring him. I miss you, Dad.

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